Washing your Canada Goose down Coat or down jackets Tips

canada goose jacket sale Can you wash your Canada Goose or other expensive down coat? That was the question I had after years of paying for a dry cleaner to do it. So I chucked it in my washing machine and I can tell you yes. Yes, you can wash your Canada Goose coat at home.

womens canada goose jacket One of my earliest memories, although I have no idea how old I was, is of me standing in the front hall of the house I grew up in getting bundled up to go outside on a cold winter day.

moncler jacket Standing there in my coat, boots, snow pants, mittens, and hat, so protected against the weather I was more like a stuffed animal than a human. Arms and legs locked into place by stuffed mounds of nylon, dacron, and scratchy wool. The final step before going out into the kind of cold that makes your nostril hairs freeze in place was the doing up of the coat.

canada goose outlet This step normally went well, but if Betty was in a hurry to get me out of the house she’d grab onto the zipper and tug it up fast and hard. If I looked down at the wrong moment the zipper teeth would chew into my chin leaving me screaming and my chin angry. That chin scar was how you could tell the kids of all the mothers on the street that had a job, soap opera or drink to get back to. Those kids had the tribal scarring of a tiny red welt on their chin all winter long.

canada goose london As a kid, my coats were never down filled. They had some kind of revolutionary 70’s era pillow filling in them that mainly kept you from getting wet as opposed to cold.

kids canada goose Now my two main winter coats are down filled. The first one is a white, down filled inexpensive coat known as The Upper East Side coat in New York. Because …. everyone on the Upper East Side owns one. I got mine on Amazon and you can too.

canada goose sale uk The second one is a Canada Goose “Resolute”. This Canada Goose has been my go-to Canadian winter coat for the past 13 years. The Canada Goose coats are the warmest coats known to mankind. They were “the” coat to own if you worked in television and shot outside. For a time you could spot someone who was on television based on if they were wearing a Canada Goose. Not so anymore. This coat has now become one of the most popular winter coats in Canada and the U.S. despite their shocking price tag.

The only problem is … you have to dry clean it.

I have a thing about dry cleaning. I hate it. It isn’t the price, it’s the pain.

canada goose jacket uk I realize it doesn’t take that much time and it’s really no harder than filling up your car with gas, but I hate that too, so I guess it all makes sense.

I’ve been washing my down Lacoste coat in my washing machine and dryer for years. It’s a white coat. It gets filthy after about 5 years. It says you can machine wash it, so I do that and it always comes out perfectly.

north face For some reason, the Canada Goose coat says dry clean only. So for 10 years, I watched my beautiful red Canada Goose coat get dirtier and grungier and filthier. I dry cleaned it a few times but figured there had to be an alternative. I looked online to see if anyone had washed their coat in their home washing machine but couldn’t find anyone who had. I guess the $1,300 price tag on the coat is enough to stop anyone from taking the risk.

Until now.

black canada goose  Unable to stop myself any longer, and unable to wear the coat because of the bizarre black/grey/red colour it had become, over the Christmas holidays I said a little prayer, removed the fur collar (it just unzips), and stuffed my $800 when I bought it, currently $1,300! Canada Goose coat into my washing machine.

This is how it turned out.

canada goose bomber How to Wash a Canada Goose (or down) Coat
My Canada Goose coat washed perfectly in the washing machine. Perfectly.

Here, however, are my disclaimers.

1. If you wash your Canada Goose coat in your washing machine you void the warranty.

2. If you let your cat get as dirty as mine was it might take several washes as well as working in a bit of stain remover. (I had to wash my coat a total of 4 times, using various stain removers in between to get it clean. I started off with the “delicate/hand wash” cycle to be safe then gave up and went full force canada goose london, canada goose outlet, moncler jacket, womens canada goose jacket.)

3. To dry it, you need to add a few tennis balls or dryer balls into your dryer to help smash them down and let it fluff up.

4. It will take around 7 hours to fully dry. That’s your dryer running for 7 hours straight. Just so you know.

5. I ’m not responsible if your Canada Goose coat happens to fall apart if you wash it and you’re forced to wear leg warmers, a snood, and oatmeal mittens to keep warm. Not. Responsible.

canada goose mens jacket Having said that, I can tell you I will never dry clean my Canada Goose coat. I’ll be washing it in my own washing machine at the end of every season while I fondly finger the tiny scar in the middle of my chin.

With extremely cold temperatures overwhelming even the toughest people in the province, many in Saskatchewan are looking to upgrade to a better winter jacket this month.

One of the most popular and warm choices is the Canada Goose Parka. The company’s jackets are top quality, made with genuine goose down and trimmed with coyote fur.

canada goose jackets James Briens, co-owner of Eb’s Source for Adventure in Saskatoon, said the demand is very strong even with a retail price of approximately $800-900.

“Currently, if a store doesn’t have it, we are taking orders for next year,” Briens said. “People are giving us the colors and styles and we are adding it to our order, which has already been placed for next season.”

Briens said he expects current orders to arrive in about May.

goose coats However, cheap knockoffs are becoming far more common, costing the company money and confusing some customers. Briens said he’s already encountered counterfeit Canada Goose jackets this winter.

“We’re actually assisting a customer right now, hoping for them to get that resolved with their credit card company,” Briens said.

Finding a fake
Briens said it’s important for consumers to check a few things when buying a Canada Goose jacket. He said the first place to start is the fur on the hood.

canada goose coats “With a fake, you’ll notice that the fur isn’t as full. It looks almost mangy,” Briens said. “It is not as full.”

The Canada Goose jacket also features their signature badge.

“(The counterfeit) the badge looks like it’s bleeding around the outside,” he said. “It’s not as distinctive on the flags itself and even just the outline of the island.”

canada goose womens Briens said there are also a number of things to look for when trying to determine a fake from the real thing. Counterfeit jackets will be a lot thinner, the colors aren’t as rich, and stitching isn’t as detailed.

The most important indicator, Briens said, is a hologram tag the company implemented a couple of years ago.

“The tags make the parka look identical, but it’s the hologram that will tell you-you to have an authentic Canada Goose,” he said. “If you don’t have this hologram, then, unfortunately, you have a counterfeit canada goose jacket sale, Canada Goose Black Friday.”

moncler While people can still wear a counterfeit jacket, Briens said providing enough warmth is one major issue. He said there are also some potential health concerns.

“The problem with the fake (jackets) is you’re not really sure what kind of feathers are inside,” he said. “It’s been known that the fill that has come from overseas is very, very poor quality. So the sanitation of the town is very poor. You don’t know what is mixed into it.”

canada goose coat Canada Goose does not sell directly to customers. So for people buying online, Briens suggests they put the online store’s name into the Canada Goose website to authenticate whether it is an online retailer.

Countless frugal minions of yours are saying thank you for going where no one has been brave enough to go before.

But not me! I loooooooove dry cleaning, especially since mine has a drive up window and I don’t even have to get out of my car!
Plus, I hate hate hate ironing and my husband’s shirts are all extra long because he is so tall, it’s like ironing bed sheets.

canada goose mens I got all excited about being the first comment and then I realized it’s probably because I didn’t get an email notification of a new post which means that probably nobody else did. You may want to look into that.

I came on over to your site to check on you because when you don’t post, I worry.

I know you do, lol. Everything’s fine with me. My site, however, was hijacked. The fine folks at ServInt worked on it until 2:30 in the morning and it’s back as good as new. The email will go out, just later than normal.l ~ bamschaatsteam.nl!

Haha. I did the same thing. Talk about loyal followers. Okay. I was looking for my laugh for the day, too. That is a fab jacket. Black and red. They are my colors. So this coat speaks to me. I have that chin zipper scar thingy. Ouch. That hurt. LOL

canada goose parka My site was GONE for an hour and a half too bamschaatsteam.nl! Not gonna lie, I went and had a stiff drink of some nasty stuff hiding at the back of my liquor cabinet. Now I know why I don’t drink hard liquor. Straight from the bottle.


Soooo on that note ~ I SCREAM ~ thanks!!!! I am going to wash my Canada Goose stat. I just need to find the box with the tennis balls in it. Grrrrr.

canada goose sale
Thanks for sharing your experiment with others. I having been washing all my children’s down fill coats and jackets for the past 25 yrs. My daughter is now 21 and got her 1st Canada Goose jacket for Christmas 2 yrs ago because she will be working in the outdoors doing drilling and blasting. Her black coat is very dirty and I refused to take it to the dry cleaner. I am also allergic to the chemical and they are not good for your clothes. Yet I was scared to give her jacket a try because I didn’t want to void the warranty but since I have come across your blog I will give it a try, I now have the courage and will let you know. Thanks for sharing

canada goose uk This has been long overdue. Sorry I had a very busy summer. I just come across your site which I had bookmarked when I remember about the coat Canada Goose Coat.
In July I decided to wash my daughter’s Canada Goose coat since the weather was very warm. I have a front load washer. I put the coat in by itself into the washer and put it on the quick wash, which is 35 mins. along with a small amount of tide cold washing detergent. I also used cold water since it is a black coat. I wasn’t a bit surprised as to how dirty the coat was. After the cycle was finished I removed it from the washer and give it a good shake. To put them down back in place. Then I hang it out outside to dry. Within a few hrs, it was dry. I then toss it into the dry for about 5 mins to air fluff. My daughter couldn’t believe it was her coat. I now have a following of friends who want me to clean their coat which I do gladly. Since it makes me feel very special and cost them nothing. I do trust that it was of some help to others.
You should not hang/air dry down jackets as it takes longer to fully dry and thus will be prone to mildew and mold.

The outside may feel dry but the down inside may still have the wet spot.

canada goose jacket I would probably give it one cycle in the dryer before hanging it up or else it will take forever to dry (if you have a second coat then you could go right to hanging it up – I just know that the day after I wash my coat the temp will drop to -30F and my coat will still be wet). Then if it needs a little fluffing up at the end, toss it in the dryer again for a second cycle.

No, lol. A down coat needs to be dried in a dryer to fluff the feathers up and provide insulation. So you can’t, unfortunately, dry it for a little bit and then just hang it. It must be dried in the dryer. Just shove it in. Since it only costs $4 to run an electric dryer for an entire week you can rest assured the drying doesn’t cost as much as you think it does and you can continue to save your money for more important things. Like clown paintings. ~ bamschaatsteam.nl!

Long time reader of your column who looks forward to your posts but would like to clarify your statement about the cost of running a dryer for a week as $4.

I monitor my electricity usage every month and based on that the average hourly cost of my electricity from Toronto Hydro is about $0.20/kwh when HST, delivery, regulatory and debt charges are included. On this basis, my average cost of running my dryer for an hour is about $0.88/hr (ref: https://www.bamschaatsteam.nl). I suspect that your figure of $4/week for using your dryer would apply to typical weekly usage for a couple with no children. I should also note that we have a time of use billing here in Ontario whereby the cost of electricity varies depending on the time of day. As a result, I only do laundry on the weekend and try whenever possible to dry my clothes on the clothesline.

Having said that, the cost of drying your coat for 7 hours would be about $6, which is still a lot less than the cost of dry cleaning.

Canada Goose Black Friday I don’t want to be a nitpicker, I just don’t want your readers to think that they could run their electric dryer 24/7 for a week at a cost of $4. The more aware people are of the actual costs of doing things the more informed decisions they can make.

Thanks, Ron, I should have been more clear. (I’m in Ontario as well by the way). To run the dryer for around 4 hours a week would cost around 4 dollars. (very approximate here). So yes, the cost of the coat drying is about $7 approximately, or $6 a little more precisely. ~ bamschaatsteam.nl!

I too was attacked by zipper teeth in my childhood. I probably did the same thing to my son but I don’t remember as I was trying to get to work. I’ll have to check his chin for the telltale scar. Don’t you love being way ahead of a trend before it was trendy when the reason was simply to keep warm?

canada goose jacket, canada goose uk, I have a red Canada goose coat that was fading from a few dry cleanings. bamschaatsteam.nl, I feel I should’ve posted online somewhere, as I searched and found nothing online about machine washing, but I bit the bullet and did it anyway. Absolutely fine. Need to do it again soon as mine is disgusting!

Remember the movie a Christmas story where the little brother is bundled up in a snowsuit and three scarves? I always thought it was an exaggeration. But if bamschaatsteam.nl says it happens it must be true. You’ll put your eye out

I think the dry clean only thing is a butt-covering move. I wash all sorts of things that say not to. My mother washed EVERYTHING! Even red suede (real leather) sneakers. Those were a last resort sort of thing but they survived amazingly well. Not everything can go in the washer and dryer but lots of things can. The biggest issue I have found with this is if the item has not been made well enough to survive the agitation – unfinished seams, poor construction, embellishments that get ruined. It would be really disappointing if a Canada Goose couldn’t survive. As to the dryer, it is often worth the time to dry well – it avoids that lovely wet dog smell:)

A down coat must be put in the dryer ’til dry for the down to “loft” completely. Otherwise, it will dry in a clump somewhere near the bottom of your coat and not do its warming job. What I want to know is how the heck did you stand the tennis ball racket (haha) in your dryer for 7 hours canada goose sale, canada goose parka?!

You have had your Canada Goose long enough for it to be cool. My goal is to be the only woman in the Golden Horseshoe without one.No coach purse either.

More and more in life, I’ve realized that “rules” or “instructions” are just to cover someones’ ass and completely arbitrary. Resolution-break more rules! The occasional rule is good-don’t cross the center line into oncoming traffic and such but really, who said that earrings need to match? Think about it.

I love your frugal-ness! I feel the same way about dry cleaning…I have a bag o’ stuff that requires dry cleaning, and it’s been sitting in my closet now the for….a year. canada goose mens, canada goose coat, moncler, canada goose womens Ah, someday…

I got brave with my white cotton down filled comforter awhile back and decided to do it myself. While shoving the entire thing into my washer takes some doing (queen size, and very poofy!) once it’s wet, it shrinks down immensely (there’s a naughty joke in there somewhere). And yes, drying takes For. Ev. Er. Two hours with dryer balls (heh…balls), two more hours without, and she’s sparkling white and fluffy again.

Of course, if you have a speedy gray cat, you’ll probably be doing this more often than you think.
I washed my daughter’s down-filled comforter and obviously didn’t let it dry enough to fluff. It seemed dry BUT she saw it and threw it out saying I ruined it. Boy, have I felt bad for years but knowing it wasn’t fluffed properly in the drier has taken away that guilt – however, plenty more remains since I am a Mom. I had previously washed down filled small things that dried fine and now I’m off to tell my daughter – which is the best part of your post today.

Wow, the zipper scar! That brought me back to my 8-year-old self. My mom had 4 daughters and a job and we all had that little “hickey” either on our chin or neck (ouch) throughout the bitterly cold winters in Upstate NY. When I was about 14 I begged my mom for a peacoat. It was a beautiful baby pink, wool and it buttoned up, no zipper here! I washed AND dried it once! Who knew you couldn’t throw wool in the laundry canada goose coats, goose coats, canada goose jackets, canada goose mens jacket, canada goose bomber? (not 14 years old me, that’s who). I never wore my beloved peacoat again. My mother made me give it to my much younger and much smaller sister. I begrudgingly handed it over, but I secretly planned her demise every.single.a time she put it on.

20 years ago when my daughter was getting married I got a book that had handy tips for a great wedding without busting the bank. One of the things was about preserving the wedding gown after the nuptials. It told horror stories of many companies who claimed to preserve the gown charging many hundreds of dollars and just tossing it uncleaned in a box, sealing the box up, saying it would void the warranty if the box was opened, then going out of business before the bride had a daughter who wanted to wear it. Everything ruined.

So, this trip was to just wash the gown in the washing machine and dry flat. The book said to go in the back room of any bridal shop and you’ll see a big-ass washing machine. What do you think they use it for? People trying on bridal and bridesmaid gowns require that the gowns be cleaned before someone else wants them. Duh.

I didn’t check out the back of bridal shops, but since the 30,000 seed pearls (not real pearls) would have been ruined with dry-cleaning chemicals, and the gown was satin and lace (both synthetic), I decided to try handwashing. It took a couple of days of delicately swishing and then rinsing rinsing rinsing in the large bathtub, and several more days drying on huge thick towels laid out on the floor, but it worked black canada goose , north face, canada goose jacket uk, canada goose sale uk, kids canada goose. Even a small red-wine stain and whatever black stuff that was smeared at the hem after a lot of dancing and partying in it came out. It cost some bucks for the acid-free tissue and bags and box to store it in, but otherwise, it was free and the gown is in beautiful shape. No reason to think a jacket made for outdoor wear shouldn’t hold up to washing.

I don’t live where it’s cold enough for down, but it seems obvious it needs balls in the dryer for fluffing. I’d take bamschaatsteam.nl’s word for that, in addition to how long to leave it in the dryer. I never thought of tennis balls, but that’s kind of a cool thing, I think. I use felted wool dryer balls I got from a sheep farm in Wyoming and I can attest to them cutting down on drying time for regular laundry, in addition to eliminating static and making everything come out unwrinkled. They might not be heavy enough for fluffing down in a heavy jacket, but I don’t know that for sure.